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DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of Dental Implants, Prosthetic Products and surgical kits.

DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd was founded by a group of people from the dental industry. The founders have worked over 25 years in the dental market and have years of commercial and international experience with a clear goal of designing and producing top level implants that meet the highest requirements of quality and innovation. 

DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd has developed and manufactured a wide range of products for dental implants and restoration systems. All products are made with the highest quality materials available in the industry.

DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd has acquired knowledge in the field of teeth implants from having worked in the dental implant industry for many years, and from private practice.

DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd is based on long-term work relationships which have been developed over the years with various industry players around the world (USA, South America, Europe and the Far East). The product has generated considerable interest to date. The combination of extensive knowledge base with creative engineering and an uncompromising service agenda has produced groundbreaking implant systems, containing the most recent technological innovation and features which ensure outstanding performance, efficient operation, precision and an excellent cost/benefit ratio, thus promoting DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd as the preferred supplier for implantologists around the world.

DENTIN Implants Technologies Ltd high-end production facility and R&D center include high technology machinery, tight quality control and sterile Clean Room ISO Class 7, of the highest level.


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We offer a LIFETIME Warranty.
At DENTIN, we believe that integrity, professionalism and best customer care are the foundations of our success .
We strive to be the best implants manufacturer out there. We have a direct contact to our customers. We listen to our customers needs and also helps us offering a better value without compromising on quality. DENTIN is CE and FDA approved. Read more about our quality assurance and certificates by clicking here.  
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